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Reimagine Your Brand

How to Create Impact For Your Business

Do you have the courage to stand in your brand?

The power of a strong brand ignites like striking a match when your clients see themselves in your brand message. The magic happens at the intersection where you, your vision, and your potential clients cross paths and click. It may seem simple enough but getting to this magical point requires a journey of reflection and self-discovery.

This book is for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who have the courage to stand out in their own unique way – away from the competition – and create a brand that connects with clients. A brand that shines. This book will take you through my own personal branding journey to success and share what I learned along the way, providing proven exercises that will guide you to:

  • Ignite a Strong Brand: Bring heart into your brand and find your grit by showcasing key values to your business.
  • Break Away from a Sea of Sameness: Learn how to ensure YOU are the go-to expert and industry leader for your ideal clients.
  • Stand Out in Your Own Unique Way: Discover how to connect the purpose of your business with the needs of your clients.
  • Create a Brand that Shines: Communicate through your offerings and expertise, by building “Know, Like, and Trust” to grow customer loyalty.

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About Donna Galassi, The Author

After more than fifteen years as a software engineer in the corporate world, Donna Galassi founded her business, Blue Zenith Design + Strategy, a digital branding and web design firm. As an expert digital brand strategist, web designer, consultant, author and speaker, Donna enjoys working with entrepreneurs, and has been blessed to have given wings to hundreds of clients, helping others to find their voice among many in small business. With clients across the nation, Donna has been instrumental in building brands that have launched businesses into success. Donna is the founder of the “Go Ahead. Dream Big.” programs, educating entrepreneurs through her professional philosophy of reimagining branding, and providing practical strategies to entrepreneurs and small businesses. To invite Donna to speak at your next event, or to learn more about how you can build your brand and grow your empire, visit BlueZenith.com.

When Donna isn’t working on building brands, she enjoys travelling the world with her husband, Andy and two young adult children. Her philosophy is that life is an adventure, and is lived through enjoying hiking, biking and snowboarding in Colorado’s beautiful Rocky Mountains.

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